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Deep in the heart of Vancouver, BC’s Strathcona neighbourhood, you’ll find the Sprout & About team going crazy over some of the coolest plant accessories and home décor.

For us, this is so much more than running a business; it’s one of our greatest passions! 

We firmly believe that life is not complete without a splash of vegetation and a twist of boho living – and we are on a mission to make them available to people everywhere.

Our love affair with these must-haves began in 2020, a time when it wasn’t easy to find exactly what you wanted in stores and what was available online wasn’t realistically affordable.  So, our Founder, Nadia M’Seffar (who also founded You Concrete Me), took matters into her own hands and began procuring the world’s best collection of tasteful wall baskets, envy-generating plant accessories, and exclusive home décor.  Our story truly began when we introduced a few of these pieces to the store of our sister company.  They sold out instantly, and the demand for more surged!  At that point, there was only one thing left to do: unleash Sprout & About to the public.  Now, sophisticated people like you can elevate their homes with ease!

From curation to customization, order preparation, and shipping, everything is handled in-house, right here in Strathcona. We absolutely love photographing our offerings in our charming, brightly lit studio.  And in knowing that each client is like another kindred spirit that just simply belongs in our growing family, we strive to make this an unparalleled experience every time you order. 

Get ready for one heck of an unboxing!  Sprout & About: leveraging the power of plants and classy home adornments to bring a little burst of happiness into your daily life.