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Why you don't always need drainage

Our planters are designed to fit the most commonly sold plant sizes and do not have drainage holes as they are meant to be used indoor as drop pots or decorative planters; meaning you keep the plant in its plastic nursery pot and just drop it in the planter. The planter itself acts as a saucer.

You can water the plant under the sink or just remove the excess water at the bottom of the pot easily. It is less messy than having a drainage hole and it's better for your plant.


Keeping your plant in its nursery pot provide better drainage and it's easier to inspect the roots of your plant to see when it's time to repot or wether you are under or over watering. It is also easier to move it around the house to find the best location for your plant for different seasons and different pots. If your plant doesn't have a nursery pot because it was potted directly in another planter we recommend getting one from a nursery (usually free) or from Home Depot for a dollar or so.